Zero Waste Garbage


  • The site of dust bin, or dumping grounds of garbage in any Indian city says a lot about, what has gone wrong as India is rapidly urbanizing.
    • The dustbins, overflowing with garbage, are surrounded by dogs, crows, cows, and finally the rag pickers.
    • The stench from rotting garbage makes people throw garbage around the bin, not into it.
    • All the storm water drains, available places on sides of road, are littered with plastic, paper, etc.
    • People typically put all garbage in a plastic bag, tie it, and throw it in dustbin
    • Municipality simply takes the garbage for dumping in a landfill
    • Rag-pickers converge at the city dumping grounds to collect the dry garbage that they could have as well collected from our doorstep
  • “Mixing all types of garbage” is root cause of all the problems. Moreover, all of us are responsible for this
  • No municipality in developed world will process mixed, rotting garbage in way that causes damage to environment. We cannot blame the government here
  • Rising income, and more westernization means our garbage will have more and more manmade things like plastic, paper, and less biodegradable stuff
  • Plastic, paper do not decompose in a land fill
  • Used battery cells, have hazardous metals, that pollute ground water, by leaching action with rainwater.
  • Not mixing (or Separation) of garbage can only prevent degrading environment.
  • There is no alternative but learn habit of separating the garbage, and help its recycling.
  • In Mumbai, it is now mandatory to segregate waste. However, few citizens follow the law and municipality does not enforce the law.
  • By encouraging ourselves and neighbors to have an additional waste basket for dry garbage apart from one for wet kitchen waste, we could achieve the following:
    • Self employment for the underprivileged
    • Address issues of global warming.
    • Personal satisfaction of contributing towards a clean and green environment not to mention better quality of life due to improved surroundings, and increase in real estate value!
  • SLK Foundation wants to reach out to every Indian, especially in cities, on changing our habits regarding household garbage.
  • Contact us if you need any help from SLK Foundation in your locality,
    • SLK Foundation could send our representative,  twice a week to collect your dry garbage
    • SLK Foundation will educate you thru composting workshops in recycling the kitchen waste in your own backyard
    • Your awareness on garbage and little action will go a long way in supporting education of rag pickers™ child.

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