Green Power Projects

Green Power Projects

  1. Solar hot water : SLK Foundation has 300 Litres of solar thermal water heater
  2. Solar PV : With drop in solar PV panels, solar power has emerged as the cheapest green power for India. SLK Foundation will undertake free of charge techno-commercial feasibility  for Solar PV project
  3. SLK Foundation has a pilot solar PV In Grid, solar plant(capacity 3.76KW)  at our office in Kharghar The solar plants generates on average 20-25 units (KW-HRs) of electricity

The net cash flows of solar PV plant shows payback in 5.5 years and IRR of over 20%, without considering subsidy , as seen from excel below

SLK Foundation will also sponsor few solar PV projects, subject to conditions.

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