SLK Foundation has following projects in this year that need support.

Zero waste garbage: SLK Foundation has demonstrated this at multiple locations in a small scale. We are ready to take contracts for housekeeping-household garbage-contracts for societies in cooperation with residents/rag pickers. SLK Foundation wishes to take this solution to India’s Municipalities of Tier 1, 2 cities. SLK Foundation would like to donate Tri cycles to rag pickers who recycle plastic waste. Rag pickers get no help or recognition from us, yet fact is that they do commendable work. Cost of each tri cycle is Rs 10000. We are looking for sponsors for all schemes listed below.

Ecological Public Toilets: We have plans to install ecological sanitation public toilets at major public places for use of poor. These toilets will work on principal of ECOSAN, and Solar PV, Solar water heating to provide India’s poor place to bath as well. The horrible state of public toilets (or lack of it) is something that makes development of ecological and economical toilets  SLK Foundation would like to sponsor few pilots toilets  on Ecosan principle.

Green Power Projects: Solar PV power projects

Nature Parks : SLK Foundation would like to develop nature parks where wet garbage can be composted, and we can create nature park with traditional Indian plants.This is on similar lines as Mahim Nature Park , Dharavi, Mumbai

Other plans : SLK Foundation is also working on promoting contemporary Indian art on global platform.

Pl do let me know if you would know more about SLK Foundations’ initiatives or if you wish to help us with approvals, funding, etc.