Yoga is not only a health enhancing and muscle-stretching exercise Yoga is a way to balance mind and body in a perpetual search for higher reality….

Best thing is that you need “no” thing to do it !

Also you need not “Know: a thing about it either

Just do it !

Our ancestors never thought of taking IP, copyright on these Yoga is a gift to the world from India !

मनः प्रशमन ऊपाय इति योगः (Mana Prashaman Upay eti Yoga ; Yoga is defined as what pacifies the mind ) as per YogaVasitha Individually designed diet/nutrition , Yoga can compliment conventional medical treatment for diabetes, hypertension. Yoga needs to be done with mindfullness. Also focusing on part of body under pressure, stress can cure it.

जहाँ ध्यान वहाँ प्राण Energy flows where attention goes.

Few Yaga asana are shown that are found to be helpful for patients with diabetes It is advisable that Yoga practice is done under supervision of trained persons