Nature Cure for most Ailments

Introduction of Auto Urine Therapy (AUT): Auto Urine therapy is the best nature cure for most ailments, and general well being . It has been practiced since ancient times in India. Reference to AUT is found in old texts of India such as Damar Tantra. During modern times , there are many a fortunate ones who have discovered its effectiveness , living long, healthy , disease free life. However for fear or being ridiculed, they do not share their practices.

Is Urine a toxic waste product? : Urine is Not a toxic waste product . Kidneys work to balance composition of water in blood. Excess water is removed as body has limited storage capacity for extra water. Water makes 95% of urine, 2.5% urea and balance is minerals, salt, hormones, and enzymes. Small quantity of Urea , far from being poisonous, in fact purifies body as is digested. It has also been found that urea when recycled by ingesting, is converted into essential amino acids.Urine, particularly in the morning has many valuable harmones , like melatonin, testosterone, secreted by glands. Urine has DHEA, a hormone related to testosterone. This has anti-cancer, anti-obesity and anti-aging properties. PAR-4, another protein found in blood protects us from cancers. As urine is derived from blood, it has such beneficial agents present in itself.

Properties of Urine: How AUT works? First of all, AUT is a holistic therapy. AUT like Yoga works as a great preventive therapy. Making life style changes, such as consciously eating healthy food and avoiding unhealthy food, exercise plan, are equally necessary to get good results from AUT.

Which diseases can be treated with AUT? As per a leading doctor in India, who has cured thousands of patients with AUT, AUT is effective in following diseases. Gastro enteric disorders (such as acidity, colitis , constipation)Psychiatric disorders like depression , Skin diseases like Psoriasis, eczema, Cancer, Diabetes, pancreatic disorders, Kidney disorders , Ischemic Heart Disease, Prostate disorders, Gynecological, menstrual disorders
The treatment for all diseases starts with AUT in small quantity, taken on empty stomach. In case on allopathic medicines, give ample spacing between intake of Urine and taking medicines. There are few medical practitioners who give advice patients while on AUT. There are individuals who guide in nature cure in best interests of patients.


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