Health & Wellness

Nature Cure for most Ailments : Auto Urine therapy is the best nature cure for most ailments, and general well being . It has been practiced since ancient times in India. Reference to AUT is found in old texts of India such as Damar Tantra. During modern times , there are many a fortunate ones who have discovered its effectiveness , living long, healthy , disease free life. However for fear or being ridiculed, they do not share their practices.

Yoga: Yoga is India’s™ gift to the world. Without any costly equipment, Yoga sculpts a healthy body, prepares mind for a reunion with soul.SLK Foundation has in-house team of Yoga experts who offer individual consultation

Prevention of Life style diseases : Diabetes Mellitus-A Fast spreading lifestyle disease in modern times Adult onset or Type II diabetes has now assumed epidemic proportions. Rapidly changing life style (changes in diet, sedentary life, irregular meals, lack of rest) and stress are the causes for diabetes. Once diagnosed, most diabetics are prescribed to take lifelong regular medications, like insulin hormone supplementation medicines or injections and drugs for controlling the sugar levels. read more…