Guest House in Navi Mumbai

  • LCD TV in each apartment with Cable TV
  • MTNL Landline with broad band internet with option of WiFi at extra cost
  • Refrigerator, Washing Machine
  • 3 Piece Sofa set, 4 chair Dining Table
  • Bed, Mattresses, Pillows
  • Wardrobe in bedroom
  • Kitchen with Modular Unit-Home Cooked food (Break Fast/Dinner) at extra cost
  • Water heaters in Bathroom,24 hours Water
  • Building with lift, Parking
  • Safe apartment complex with housekeeping
  • Situated in Serene Location, close to market
  • Every day needs: Nearby Restaurants, Food Market Big Bazar near by
  • Good Natural lighting and good cross ventilation
  • About 3 KMs from CBD Belapur, 2 KMs from Kharghar Railway station
  • Public transport(BEST Buses, Auto, Taxies) to Mumbai, Thane. Local Trains from Kharghar Railway station to CST(VT)
  • Free pickup/drop to city for life patrons of SLK Foundation or one weeks stay
  • Common facilities in the building: Yoga Room, Business Office Space on ground floor

Charges for one week stay – AC Family Suite 4 bed/2 bed at special weekly rate of Rs 20,500/-(Twenty Thousand and five hundred only) OR Rs 3,000/- (Three Thousand Only) per day for shorter stay . Option to pay by online by fund transfer crediting SLK Foundation’s bank account

SLK Foundation would like to offer special rate of Rs 13,500/- (Thirteen Thousand five hundred only) per week OR Rs 2,000/- (Two Thousand only) for our Non-AC family suite that has 2 or 4 beds.

For cancer patients, and their relatives coming to ACTREC, Kharghar for cancer treatment, there is special discounted rate Rs 1,400/- (One Thousand and four hundred Only) per day or Rs 9,500/- (Nine Thousand and five hundred) per week  for Non-AC family suite.

For cancer patients and their relatives coming to ACTREC, AC suite, the daily charges are Rs 1,800/- (One Thousand and Eight Hundred Only) or weekly charges will be Rs 12,500/- (Twelve Thousand and Five Hundred Only) per week.

Please send email to slkfoundation.in@gmail.com for booking.

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Soukhya, G-29 , Sector 12, next to Shiwaji Chouk, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.
Tel: 022-27746312
slkfoundaiton.in@gmail.com, panditpankaj2003@yahoo.co.in