Cancer Awareness Quiz

Early diagnosis, medical treatment can cure most cancer patients. However prevention of cancer is a much better strategy. One needs to understand what environmental issues cause cancer.

  1. Tobacco and alcohol are two already known factors that cause cancer.
  2. Oral cancer is the most common cancer in India due to chewing of tobacco/gutkha.
  3. Apart from oral cancer due to tobacco, cervical cancer and breast cancer are two other common cancer that affect only women. Cervical* cancer is especially more common in developing ie poor countries like India and others in Asia, Africa. *Cervix is called to the portion at the mouth of uterus.
  1. Most of the cancers in men are due to well known issues like tobacco and alcohol while cancers for women , namely cervical and breast cancer are due to “not so well known” issues

Hence the following quiz is intended particularly to make women aware of causes of cervical and breast cancer.

Just as you can avoid oral cancer, lung cancer simply by avoiding tobacco, women can take steps to prevent cervical and breast cancer through awareness about its causes.

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