founderSLK Foundation is a 20 year old registered charitable trust, with a mission statement-“Creating Wealth from Waste“. SLK Foundation is named after Late S.L Kirloskar, doyen of the Kirloskar group, to commemorate his memory. Pankaj Narayan Pandit, is founder and managing trustee of SLK Foundation.
Pankaj Narayan Pandit
Founder and Managing Trustee


Life patrons of SLK Foundation can use Navi Mumbai/Bangalore guesthouse for three nights once in an year(Apr-Mar) for self /family use. The Guest house in Navi Mumbai is located at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, while the one at Bangalore is at Whitefield. Read more


Weekend Wellness workshop at Kharghar from 9 AM to 4 PM in Saoukhya, G-29, Sec 12 c/o Youth hostel Kharghar.

Wellness Workshop III Chakra Darshan & Vipasana on Sat 26th July 2014, Time 5:30PM to 7:00PM, in Sobha Opal Clubhouse, Bangalore.

Exhibition cum Sale  STATE OF THE ART 2013



India needs to adopt nature-friendly sanitation technologies

Top 10 Myths on Weight Loss

published on World Environment Day 2009 – Nature can nurse back our ailing Planet

published on World Environment Day 2006 – Carbon Credits are silver Lining of Global Warming

published on World Environment Day 2005 – Urbanization and adoption of western living are causing environmental degradation.

Media Video

Interview with News9 – Pankaj Narayan Pandit




Zero Waste Garbage

  • All garbage is nothing but a misplaced resource. There is really no waste in nature, if we place it correctly.
  • Learn simple process of composting for organic garbage.
  • Let’s recognize contribution of the ragpickers, poorest of urban poor. Use ragpickers to recycle plastic, paper, glass.

Download SLK Foundation’s solution for Zero Waste Garbage


Sponsor a Public Toilets

  • Lack of sanitation is one of the key reasons of water borne diseases like Polio, Typhoid, Cholera, diarrhea, etc.
  • Adoption of water flush toilets has given rise to problem of sewage treatment. Untrerated sewage is causing water pollution of surface water.
  • Dry Toilets (EcoSan) offers a holistic solution that uses minimal water, and turns human fecal waste into natural resource, without casuing any health hazards.

Download SLK Foundation’s solution for Ecological sanitation public toilets that do not generate any sewage nor they require STP or Septic tank


Green Power Projects

  • Solar water heaters, among green power options, have a clear economic business case. However solar PV electricity with drop in prices of panels is now cheaper than conventional power made from coal.
  • “Waste to Energy” and “Bio Gas projects” are two examples of cost effective green power that need to be promoted
  • A technology developed in Bangalore to power ‘waste to energy’ plant in Malaysia

Download SLK Foundation’s solution for Green Power Projects